You- Tube Instructional Videos:  Today:  Tim Pierce, teaching Jimi Hendrix:

As I promised in my first Blog, “Welcome to Guitarland”, I’m planning to comment on some stuff on You-Tube, and hopefully point at some videos that are really great.  I’d think that You-Tube is the best thing that has happened for guitar!

I’m convinced that Guitar-Playing is an oral tradition, and videos can be excellent path for this.

Studio musician Tim Pierce’s instructional videos are incredible!  First off, he sounds great.  And his teaching is excellent.  ( Also he looks so HAPPY when he plays, kind of filled with gratitude.  It makes you glad to be a guitar player!)

Right off notice on the “Hey Joe” video, for example the way he shows so well the opening Hammer-on.(at about 1:10 into the video.)  Very good instruction on the fingering.  But notice what a great SOUND he gets.  You can improve your Hammer-on technique with this one example alone. (Philosophy here:  the Small stuff is the Big stuff.)  I think Tim plays this opening about as well as Jimi did, which is awfully cool.  I feel any guitarist can benefit from this video, whether intermediate or advanced.

Hey Joe:  

The Wind Cries Mary:  

Let me know what YOU think!

Best, Joe

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