Welcome to Guitarland

Greetings from Guitarland! Sometimes I think that’s the name of this fictional country I inhabit. It’s really a nice place. It’s kind of great being here. Am I right?
Being here, I’ve decided to use the opportunity of having a web-site to create a blog” about all things guitar. Playing guitar, jamming on guitar, learning music, fixing and buying guitars… gear… music theory. So much fun!

I welcome your input, your responses, your suggestions… because, although I seem to spend all day here, I never seem to know everything there is to know here.

I’m planning to share my observations and some of what I’ve learned over these years. It’s amazing and interesting how complicated and involved things can get in this guitar world. But that’s OK because we love it, right?

Some topics I plan to cover this fall are:
-Overtones and Harmonics
-Music using harmonic techniques
-Guitar set-up (So important!)
-Tuning and tuning systems
-Observations on shopping
-Some fretboard Music Theory
-Observations on trends in Guitarland – i.e. new music and styles
-The right style(s) of music for YOU to study and practice

I’d like to extend my warmest welcome to you to come visit me by reading this blog. I hope it will be illuminating and entertaining.

Best, Joe

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  1. Hi Joe, I still miss studying with you but I am still plugging away at it here on the Cape. Just bought a new telecaster that I am excited about. Good luck with your blog. I hope to learn much from following you.

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